1. Respect and comply with staff orders.
  2. Act and behave lawfully in regards to the park rules. Do not harass small children at playparks. (Have respect for attractions and playparks)
  3. Be respectful towards others and your surroundings.
  4. Do not vandalize the nature or the park. Empty water bottles are collected by staff members. Any and all trash is to be thrown out at the nearest trash can or carried with you.
  5. Any use of addictive substances (such as but not limited to: cigarettes, alcoholic drinks, weed, etc) is strictly prohibited.
  6. Strict policy of SFW wear! [Collars allowed] (No BDSM, no latex suits, no puppy-masks)
  7. We do not condone taking pictures of suiters without their fursuit or during the time of them dressing up.
  8. Weapons, guns and sharp items of any kind (including additions to your suit/cosplay) are strictly prohibited at the outing. (With the exception of lightsabers and soft materials.)
  9. If any problem occurs, or somebody breaks the rules, please report to staff, they will handle the situation.
  10. Report to staff team in cases of minor injuries and/or nausea. We're equipped with a small medipack.
  11. You (or your parental guardians) are fully responsible for your physical well-being, health and safety.
  12. We do not support racism, irrational political opinions, or any other offensive propaganda.
  13. The water supply is primarily reserved for suiters.
  14. In the case of witnessing a rulebreaker, please report to staff.
  15. Your presence at the event gives us your agreement to these rules.
  16. The organization team of PragFUR reserves the right to remove or ban anyone from the event.


  1. This chat serves as a unified place for the community.
  2. Keep the discussion subject relevant to the community or group.
  3. Feel free to spread positive and clever ideas or experiences. We aim to create a community for everybody.
  4. Spamming is not allowed.
  5. Please refrain from using this chat for resolving personal issues.
  6. Problems of other furry groups are not to be discussed within this chat.
  7. Hate, vulgar behavior, offensive acts and or any other extremist act is strictly forbidden and will not be tolerated!
  8. Any NSFW (Not-Safe-For-Work) content is strictly forbidden and will not be tolerated!
  9. When sharing feedback in terms of problems, questions or suggestions, make use of the personal message (PM) directly with the head of organization Kronny.
  10. Respect the PragFUR organizing team and its decisions.
  11. The PragFUR organizing team reserves the right to take necessary measures in case of violation of the rules.
  12. The PragFUR organizing team reserves the right to modify the rules if necessary to ensure the smooth and safe operation of the chat. Updated rules will be published and informed in due time.
  13. Any advertising must be approved by the PragFUR organizing team.
  14. Any attempts to circumvent a ban or mute are prohibited.
  15. Use appropriate and clear language. Avoid language that may be offensive, discriminatory or inappropriate in a public setting.
  16. Be considerate and accommodating to other members. Avoid harassment, bullying, or any other negative behavior that could disrupt the chat atmosphere.
  17. Be responsible when sharing links, files or third-party content. Make sure the material you share is legal and does not compromise the safety of other members.
  18. Support and encourage new community members. Try to be welcoming, answer their questions and help them integrate.
  19. Keep the discussion in line with good intentions and the law. Do not provide information about or support illegal activities.
  20. In case of a dispute or problem, please contact the PragFUR organizational team with confidence. We strive to provide a fair solution and keep the chat a safe and welcoming environment for all.
  21. We encourage all members to respect the privacy of others. Do not share any personal information about other members without their consent.
  22. Ignorance of the rules is no excuse!
  23. By using the chat, you agree to all of these rules.
  24. All of these rules also apply to PragFUR team members.